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Customer Testimonials

Disclaimer – the Testimonials shown below appear exactly as they’ve been submitted by customers of PMP K9 Training School. No modifications of any kind have been made by PMP K9 Training School. The views and opinions given in the Testimonials do not necessarily reflect those of PMP K9 Training School. PMP K9 Training School disclaims any responsibility for errors and the accuracy of information contained in these Testimonials.

Mr & Mrs M, Companion Dog Owners, Boston

Our first dog was a springer spaniel called Oliver which we had for fourteen years. When Oliver entered our lives we were young with no children and the dog was just pretty much one of the family with no real rules or boundaries. Apart from eating remote controls and chewing holes in the odd sock we lived together very happily. Sadly we lost our Springer in early 2013 due to old age.
We couldn’t and didn’t want to live our lives without another dog so in March 2013 a 12 week old golden retriever we called Oscar came to join us. As we were no strangers to having a dog we couldn’t foresee any real issues with another dog settling into our lives. However it soon became apparent that young children and a puppy with no “proper training” was not going to work. Things came to a head when Oscar, now 6 months old and big was playing boisterously with a friend’s dog and snapped at our son, who was getting between them. At this point we were very seriously considering as to whether we had made the right move having another dog in our lives with such young children.
After some consideration we decided that it was our responsibility as parents but also as an owner of a dog to act proactively instead of reactively. Whilst we were anxious that another incident could occur again, we acknowledged our responsibility for what had happened and we felt we had let Oscar down. Rehoming Oscar and ‘trying again’ with another dog would have merely papered over the cracks, besides which, we had all come to love him and needed to find a solution. Fast.  It was a traumatic stressful experience and one we wouldn’t want to ever face again.
We found PMP K9 on the internet after looking at the website and reading some of the (excellent) comments we arranged a 1-1 meeting with Pat to discuss our situation. After an hours discussion we realised that although we have owned and been around dogs for such a long time we didn’t look at things from the dogs’ perspective enough. It some became apparent that there where a catalogue of errors that lead us to this point and things needed to change quickly.
Humble pie eaten I soon afterwards started the 1-1 training sessions with Pat. During these sessions we covered the basic obedience drills along with me collecting a lot a valuable insights into how a dog’s mind-set works. Being shown the correct way to train a dog and how best to react to the dogs responses started getting us some pretty instant results. I soon realised that all the correct behaviours were within my dogs capabilities it was just adopting the best methods to extract them. Along with some assistance from some of the other members of the club and their dogs we soon had Oscar behaving quite sociably and ready to attend the group classes.
The mind-set when we first started the training was to get a “trained dog” which would do the basic drills and we could live happily ever after. However we have been attending the classes for 6 months now and the progression that we a have made during that time has really impressed us and way exceeded our initial expectations. During the classes I learn more and more each week about different exercises and more ways to understand my dog effectively to achieve higher goals.
Despite Oscar being just one year old we regularly receive compliments on our well trained and beautifully behaved dog. It goes without saying that our time with Pat has enabled us to achieve this. Oscar is a credit to both our family and Pat.  I’m sure I can speak for Oscar when I say that we look forward to our Saturday morning training sessions and remain intrigued as to how far we can progress. I’m extremely impressed with Pat’s knowledge of the psychology of dogs and his training methods. Overall we are really pleased with all the help and support we have received from PMP K9 and would highly recommend them to anyone. There is no doubt whatsoever that our family as a whole has and will continue to benefit tremendously from our time spent with Pat.

Mr & Mrs D, Companion Dog Owners, Skegness

My Husband and I inherited a Staffordshire bull terrier when he was 3 years old. He was well loved, great with our friends but unfortunately not good around other dogs. When we lost him earlier this year aged 10 and bought two puppies, one of which was another staffy, we decided to seek advice in the hope that we could have two dogs that were capable in social situations. A friend recommended Pat at PMP K9 training so we decided to give him a call.
We took the puppies to our first session with Pat aged just 16 weeks and we have been amazed at how much they have learned already. Just a few sessions in and we hit Bonfire night, the previous 7 years of which we have, like many dog owners, dreaded. Unbelievably our then 4 months old dogs were completely unfazed by the experience. Not only did we escape the usual routine of every TV and radio in the house blaring, we actually took them out for a walk during the main event. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it, the bangs went completely unnoticed.
Whilst our vivacious French bulldog took to Pat and the sessions immediately, our staffy was at first very anxious in the new environment, but she now loves the sessions and can’t wait to get out of the car when we pull up. They are now just short of six months and we continue to see them develop and improve in what might be considered very stressful situations. We can already let our French Bolldog off the lead during our walks on the beach, they respond well to basic commands and are inquisitive but happy in the company of other dogs.
Our pets are part of our family and are very well cared for, but what we as owners have learned from Pat over the past few months has been equally as important as what our puppies have learned. I genuinely believe that every dog owner would benefit from a few sessions with Pat. He has never judged the things we have done, but has guided us where he thinks we can improve. We have already gained more than we ever anticipated from our sessions and look forward to seeing what our dogs can achieve going forward. Knowing now that it is never too late to train your dog, I only wish we had known Pat 7 years ago. We feel a great sense of pride in our dogs and the fact we that we are responsible dog owners. If you are looking for a dog trainer, we could not recommend PMP K9 Training School enough.


Mr D, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness

Being a first time dog owner when I purchased my dog I had little knowledge of certain thing to look out for, this didn’t phase me as I knew If need be I could seek the help of someone with experience, as a few weeks went by and Buddy settled in my home, the crack started to appear.
I was falsely led to believe he was an obedient dog, which walks well on a leash (once he’s had his mad couple of minutes), has a good recall and is very lovable. One thing was correct he is very lovable.
However he pulled like a train to the point where I had no feeling left in my hand and no strength in my upper arm, he didn’t recall, he didn’t even know basic commands (Sit, Paw, Down etc.…), he had a bad diet and a lot more bad habits, it was time to go and see about getting my dog on the straight and narrow.
After speculating and talking with dog trainers in the area, only one appealed to me, PMP K9. A few places I rang felt like they just wanted to shout the prices at me then get off the phone as quick as possible like they had better things to do but I needed at least some king of insight as too if they deal with my sort of problem/breed.
Pat (PMP K9) and myself had a good chat on the phone about the situation and problems I was having, then I booked in for an assessment to set the ball rolling.
Before I managed to get my first lesson in my dog had to go for an operation which put a dent in our starting date by over 3 weeks, Pat was very understanding and could offer nothing but consideration for the well being of my dog, and a speedy recovery.
I spent roughly 9 months at the training school doing 1-2-1 sessions, learning techniques and putting them into practice under the supervision of Pat, and then into group sessions reinforcing them. I am extremely pleased with the progress my dog, within weeks he was walking well on a leash and seemed to be enjoying his walks a lot more than us battling with each other, His obedience levels have gone through the roof which I have built upon since using Pat’s methods and the results still astound me.
I was skeptical at first about the way in which I would be asked to handle my dog after hearing rumors of ‘torture’ methods. I can honestly say the most my dog had to suffer was a stern NO! or having to wait for a treat.
Pat is a very honest person and will always have the best intentions for your dog and yourself at heart. There are no ‘quick fixes’ or gimmicks to mask the problems, he uses hard work from the ground up, It’s as if he gets into the mind of the dog to identify the root of the problem and then paves the way in terms of training and techniques to stop the unwanted behavior rather than redirecting it, which is exactly what my dog needed, and quite frankly it is fascinating to see someone work like that. 
To give you an idea of the dog in question, He is a Mastiff x American Bulldog – Weighs 43KG (6 and half Stone) and on his hind legs stands 5 feet high.
I am forever grateful to PMP K9 Dog Training School for being so helpful and effective to both my dog, and myself.
Many Thanks, Adam & Buddy

Mr & Mrs W, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness and Derby, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire

We started training in August 2013 when our Border Terrier Alfie was 6 months old on a 1 to 1 basis.  His main problem was pulling when on the lead and jumping up people.  Taking him for a walk was a nightmare, and the jumping up was embarrassing.  We found Pat on the internet and he's been a god send.  Within 2 sessions the pulling had stopped, although the jumping has not completely stopped there has been a massive improvement, it is now a pleasure taking Alfie for his walks.  Pat has helped us in all aspects of Alfie's training and we intend to carry on with the sessions, we've had 6 up to now and are more than satisfied with the results.  Unfortunately we are out of the area until next March, but intend to resume the training sessions as soon as we get back. We have no hesitation in recommending Pat at PMPK9.  He's very approachable, and a very competent trainer. I would score Pat top marks 10+ at least.
Mrs P, Companion Dog Owner, Old Leake, Lincolnshire
old leake dog training
I firstly approached Pat at PMPK9 in January 2013, as we were worried because Harry our Labrador was becoming quite aggressive with some people for no apparent reason. After our initial assessment, I left the training field thinking I was never going to remember all the information and changes that Pat and myself had discussed

We started with 1-2-1 sessions but have now moved onto a group session. I think Harry now probably looks forward to his training sessions now instead of taking a quivering wreck, he really enjoys doing the agility course at the end of the session

Harry adapted to all the changes quicker than I did, we now seem to have a much happier dog to live with and that is down to all Pats expert advice. If you are looking for a training school I would definitely recommend PMP K9
Mrs T, Companion Dog Owner, Old Leake, Lincolnshire
skegness dog training
I started training with Pat at PMP K9 in February 2012 with my border collie puppy Max. During this time, I have learnt so much and gained in confidence and Max, who is now 20 months, has come on in leaps and bounds. I never thought it was possible to develop so much in just over a year, from learning basic obedience, to now being able to do off lead obedience and confidently participate in the agility activities. We are now aiming for off lead work with the agility course, and I am confident that with Pat’s help and advice we will both be able to fulfill this.

Attending the lessons with Pat on a weekly basis, are very beneficial and you learn so much. This in itself though, is only part of the answer to making sure you have a well-behaved and well-adjusted dog. You have to put a lot of work in during the week, training the dog yourself, and when you combine the two, then that is when you are able to achieve the results that you want. I have put a lot of time into training Max, and although we both still have a lot to learn, I feel confident that we can progress further and look forward to him developing and also my skills as his handler developing more in the future. I certainly feel that I have been rewarded with the time I have put into Max, as he now focuses so much on me, and a great bond has developed between us.

Having gained the experience I have at PMP K9, I decided at the end of 2012, to buy another border collie puppy called Alfie. I certainly did not hesitate about enrolling him as soon as he was old enough, with Pat. Like with Max, I know how important it is to get things right from the start, and then hopefully all the normal issues that you can get later on, are avoided.

I am pleased to report, that Alfie has taken it all in his stride, and was not phased by any of the people or dogs, even on his first encounter at 12 weeks of age. Once again, I have taken Alfie through the steps that Pat advises, and although he is still only 7 months old, I could not have been prouder than last Bank Holiday Monday, when we ventured into a VERY busy Skegness. Once again, he was not phased by anything, he walked pretty well to heel all the time, and did not pull at all on the lead. He ignored the other dogs that were in close contact to us and actually listened and followed the commands I gave him. He totally exceeded my expectations of this stressful experience, and I can definitely say, that without Pat’s help and advice, and once again, the input during the week from me, this could have ended so differently. 18 months ago, I would never have dreamed of taking a dog into Skegness on a Bank Holiday, but having gained the knowledge & confidence I have since attending PMP K9, I now felt able to take a 7 month puppy!!

I have been lucky in that I found PMP K9 when Max was a young puppy, and that we got the right advice from the start. However, I have witnessed the success other owners have had with their dogs that are older and have developed problems, since going to see Pat. There is no quick fix when a dog has developed problems, but once again, with the right advice and the hard work and dedication that the owners have put in, the change in them now is remarkable, and now they are happy members of the dog classes and lovely well mannered dogs.

I can not recommend PMP K9 highly enough and the whole experience is extremely enjoyable and rewarding. I am certainly looking forward to watching young Alfie develop and indeed, seeing both of my collies achieve their full potential.
Miss M, Companion Dog Owner, Boston.
skegness dog training
some words of appreciation needed...
Last April I came home with a 7 month old bag of neurosis in the disguise of a black labrador called Izzy, she was terrified of everything and everyone including her own shadow and had never been walked or even seen a collar and lead ! Her behaviour and aggression where to the point of out of control untill I came across PMP K9 services.
The commitment to turning this dog around from them has been outstanding, from the early days of listening to my franic phone calls to the one to one training and Pat being on the recieving end of Izzys aggression to the group training we are in today.
I now have a beautiful dog who walks both on and off lead wonderfully and listens to and responds to commands.
A whole 2 hour walk was acheived off lead last weekend , something I never would have thought possible.
so this is a BIG thankyou to you Pat the best trainer in Lincolnshire without a doubt!
Mrs B, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness.
skegness dog training
I contacted PMP training school back in April having acquired a very energetic Labradoodle puppy. After the initial meeting with Pat I decided he was the one to help train both my dog and me, I had a lot to learn! Pat gave lots of extremely useful advice on both behavior and diet that has proved invaluable in developing my relationship with my dog. After some further 1 to 1's to teach us both the basic commands he then provided the opportunity for my dog to socialise with other people and dogs in a controlled environment, after successfully completing the 'meet and greet' we now train once a week with a group. This is a great training session and opportunity to socialise with other responsible dog owners. The training sessions are both informative and fun for dogs and owners and I have no hesitation in recommending PMP training school to anyone seeking help with either their puppy or dog.
Mrs C, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness.
skegness dog training


Mr & Mrs P, Companion Dog Owners, Leverton, Lincolnshire.
dog training Skegness
After much soul searching we decided to consult PMP Training with our trio of much loved and thoroughly ‘spoiled’ Yorkshire Terriers.

Walking on a lead, obedience and eating had become an issue; the list of difficulties was growing – perhaps some of the problems were ours as well as theirs?

With some trepidation we went to the induction, the dogs no doubt sensing our anxiety. No problem – we found Pat to be knowledgeable with great expertise and a sense of humour!

The weeks passed, the dogs enjoyed the sessions and we began to get results. Now we are in charge of our dogs not the other way round.

We are so pleased we went to PMP – many thanks Pat.
Mrs T, Companion Dog Owner, Old Leake, Lincolnshire.
dog training lincolnshire
After buying a border collie puppy in November I started to make enquiries about local dog training clubs etc. I went along to watch a few lessons and felt that what I was seeing was not really what I wanted for my little collie. I did not want him in a group with older boisterous dogs and dogs with bad habits, as the last thing I wanted was for my puppy to pick any of these habits up. I wanted somewhere that was going to make sure my puppy picked up things right in the first place and who was going to teach me properly and make the lesson enjoyable for both of us.

After a lot of searching and in the end looking on the internet I came across the PMPK9 dog training school. This sounded ideal, though surely this was “too good to be true”? Surely I could not have found a trainer who had seemed to solve so many problems with other peoples dog, who people enjoyed going to, that had been right under my nose all the time, only a few miles away.

I decided to ring Pat, and after a long conversation I booked an assessment with him. This proved to be very worthwhile and I had made my mind up within a few minutes that Pat was the trainer I had been searching for. We duly commenced lessons at the very end of January.

The lessons were 1 to 1 and at the end of the first lesson I was left totally motivated and looking forward to the next lesson and Max my puppy was left asleep for the next couple of hours! I was very impressed with how well everything was explained to me, and I liked the fact that Pat did not expect things perfect on the first lesson. I made notes on the lesson as soon as we got back and was determined to put as much time & effort into the training at home as I could, as I knew that the more work I put in, the more Max and I would build a special bond and the better the results would be.

Max very quickly picked up the basic obedience and even after lesson 1 he could sit when I told him to. We carried on with the 1-1 sessions, mostly on a weekly basis until both Max & I were confident with the obedience commands. Max’s focus on me was building up week by week so by mid-April Pat suggested it was time to put everything we had learnt into a group situation, so apprehensively we attended our first group lesson in April.

I was expecting disastrous results and had visions that everything we had learnt would go out of the window as I thought Max would be more interested in the other dogs/people than me. However, after about 20 mins of settling down into the group, Max decided to concentrate and focus on me and we were doing what the others were doing in the group. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it could have gone loads worse and for his first lesson, both Pat & I were very pleased. I knew that Max had got to the stage when distractions were needed to test everything what we had learnt, and by Lesson 2, Max had totally settled in and apart from his attention span not being as long as the older dogs in the group, he was really doing very well. His recall was very good in particular, as he came straight to me and totally ignored all the other dogs.

We have kept up with the 1-1 sessions alongside the group lessons but are now having a 1-1 session once a fortnight and weekly group lessons. I want to keep up with the 1-1 sessions so that we progress as far as we can and also work on any problems that we may have. Last week we did a whole round of obedience off lead for the first time and it was one of my proudest moments so far with Max. It went extremely well and for 7 months old I could not believe it!!

We have so far had only 3 group lessons, but in the last lesson Max did some of it off lead, (after the success of it in the 1-1 training lesson - down stay, recall, round of obedience, sit & wait) and it really was wonderful to see everything coming together and to see just how far we had progressed in such a short time. It is all down to Pat’s help & advice and I really could not wish for a better trainer. I honestly do not think we would have progressed anywhere near as far or as quick if it wasn’t for him, as each lesson is a joy to go to and he is just so knowledgeable on dogs, explains things brilliantly, and has an amazing sense of humour. If you are in any doubts during the week or wanting some advice then he is more than happy for you to contact him. As well as everything that Max has learnt I feel that I have become a better dog handler and have slowly built up my confidence through all the encouragement from Pat.

For anyone reading this thinking of going to PMPK9 (Pat) for lessons, then I really can not recommend him enough. He will provide you with all the help and advice that you could want and will help you solve any issues. Obviously you will need to make a commitment to put the time & effort in during the week, Pat is not a miracle worker and can only provide you with the tools to do the job. However, from my experience the more you put in, the more you get out and having a dog that listens to you, respects you and does as you ask is one of the best pleasures in life!! I certainly feel confident that I am in good hands to help with my puppy growing up and all that entails, and am looking forward to progressing further and achieving just what my dog is capable of!!
Mr & Mrs W, Companion Dog Owner, Swinehead, Lincolnshire.
skegness dog training
Having owned Border Collies for more years than I care to remember with very few problems (according to Pat we have just been lucky!). Already the owners of one steady 10 year old called Meg we (or perhaps I should say I) decided to rehome a 2 year old. Bonny came with looks but no manners. The final straw came in the run up to Christmas when she bit a delivery person. Our youngest daughter then found PMP K9 Training services in a google search. We arranged to meet Pat soon after the New Year for our assessment – he pulled no punches!! After about 2 hours I seriously considered rehoming our dogs and never going back again and probably slitting my wrists into the bargain.
However, we committed to making a number of changes and booked a training session for a week later! I approached this date with dread. After one hour of 1-1 with Pat we had the beginning of a tool box which has grown over a number of weeks. Our confidence and expectations of both Bonny and ourselves increases all of the time. We look forward to our next training sessions with anticipation. Bonny tackles each new challenge with an eagerness we had not seen in her before and her patience with us whilst we catch up is a constant source of mirth. None of my fears materialised and we have a dog who is a joy and a pleasure to be with.
After a number of weeks working with Bonny we have now decided to try and teach our old dog ‘new tricks’ – a new work in progress.
One day we would like to walk with both dogs on a lead under in control – and we are beginning to realise that this is a realistic expectation and not a dream!! Thanks Pat – I know we have been a challenge!
Mrs F, Companion Dog Owner, Boston, Lincolnshire.
security dog training
My two Mini Schnauzers James and Eddie have been going to PMPK9 Training School for nearly a year and they have come a long way during that time.
Initially they pulled so badly on the lead that it were so uncomfortable to take them out, Pat has helped enormously with that and we decided to continue with training to brush up on other skills that my two boys had. Which I must say is very enjoyable to both them and myself.

They have had a go at agility also.
James and Eddie are always happy to go training even start whining when we turn in the drive.
Pat is an amazing and very experienced trainer and his knowledge is amazing. He is always ready to give advice not only on training but dietery needs likewise. I will always reccomend Pat to any dog owner he certainly has the ability to train any dog.
Mr T, Security Dog Handler.
security dog training
I have known and trained with Pat for a couple of years now and the knowledge and advice he has provided over the duration of that time has been outstanding. The training ethos are not something to be brushed a side, the skills learnt are a major factor in becoming a safe but most important a Professional Security Dog Handler, there are a lot of "dog trainers" out there who say they are the real McCoy and they achieved this and achieved that but actually spend no time in explaining how to correctly do an exercise. This is where PMP K9 Training School come into their own, they spend time getting to know you, your dog, what your dog is capable of, most of all they want to know what YOU as the handler want to achieve and then the work starts. PMP K9 work around you and to your needs and not going about their day teaching your dog exercises that it will never use.

When out training my dog never looks like he is getting bored, when I pull into the Training School my dog knows where he is and what he is going to do, we have never left a training session feeling let down or disappointed! My dog goes home tired and sleeps well which is good news for me, I can get my dog out of the kennel and start training the next day and instantly remember how to do the exercise and the important thing is the dog also remembers which helps to aid further improvements and quicker success in training as you are given the tools to carry on improving the standard of your dog.

Once you start training with Pat you won't need to go to any other dog trainer, its simple what Pat doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

Thanks PMP K9 Training School
Mr & Mrs N, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire
dog training skegness
We had had our rescue dog, Toby, a Staffie X, just three days when we discovered he suffered from severe dog aggression. I wanted to send him back but my husband said no, we would find a dog behaviourist. Checking the web, we were lucky enough to find Pat of PMPK9 Training School in Friskney. If you are looking for a fluffy ‘ah never mind’ kind of trainer, then Pat is not the man for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a dedicated, firm without being bossy, ‘let’s get this sorted’ kind of guy then you need look no further, After just three one to one sessions Toby’s behaviour has improved immeasurably. My confidence as his handler has soared, because Pat doesn’t just train the dog, it’s the handler’s job to learn too! Toby’s dog aggression has been very sympathetically but firmly dealt with, and although we still have a long way to go, I am confident that we will overcome this problem. The most important part of training has not been neglected - TRAINING THE DOG OWNER! Pat Mileham is a brilliant and knowledgeable instructor with a wicked sense of humour. He is obviously passionate about what he does and he really cares. He is an extremely competent, sympathetic and knowledgeable dog trainer who really knows his stuff. I can’t recommend Pat highly enough to anybody with a problem dog or who just wants to ‘brush up’ on their dog handling skills.
J & L H, Companion Dog Owners, Boston, Lincolnshire
dog training lincolnshire
We have been training with PMPK9 on a 1:1 basis for a couple of months now, what a great decision! Our instructor, Pat has transformed our lives as pet owners. Dustin is a chirpy little Jack Russell, full of life, though he can also be a little bit anxious at times, but as first time dog owners we had spoilt him a lot and created several problems we were struggling to solve. We contacted PMPK9 and were put at ease straight away, shown great understanding and offered options which were professionally tailored to suit our needs. Pat has impressed us with his broad knowledge base and from our first assessment visit, instilled confidence in us. Dustin has benefitted beyond belief from Pat’s input and we are convinced this is due to his experienced dog handling techniques and his true canine understanding. Pat goes at Dustin’s pace and never tries to move on until we are all confident with what we have learned in each session. He is open to ideas and it is always easy to discuss any problems. We always feel supported in choosing from the range of services Pat can offer and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendly environment. We are extremely pleased with what Dustin has achieved so far and are now moving on to adding some group sessions into our training schedule. We all look forward to training every week as each session is informative and great fun. We would strongly recommend PMPK9 training to anyone who wants to reap the benefits of a truly holistic approach to dog training.
Mr and Mrs A, Companion Dog Owners, Skegness.
dog training lincolnshire
We recently rescued a 2 year old Inuit which had received NO training at all, although he was a big softy in the house take him outside and it was like jekyll and hyde. He was very dog aggressive, nervous of everything around him and would shy at even a small piece of rubbish on the floor. We found ourselves looking for fields to walk him in and would have to drive every time we walked him which was 3 times a day, not only was this very time comsuming but also getting quite expensive with petrol. I researched dog trainers on the internet and my husband asked at the local vets and we both came back with the same number PMP K9 Training. We have had 3, 1-2-1 sessions with Pat and it has turned our world around, i know this may seem a little extreme but the training has been fantastic for us and our boy, In such a short time we feel we have a totally different dog. He's confident, attentive and truly a joy to walk, (no more searching for somewhere to walk him). His confidence has grown and so has ours. I find it unbelievable and a false statement that someone (malc) could have gone to this trainer for 8 months and not got anywhere with their dog, you get out of it what you are willing to put into it, so you where either not doing the follow on training with your dog or you are just callously lying to ruin this Great trainers reputation which is dispicable. As you can tell from my review, Pat really cares about getting you a well rounded and sociable dog, his experience and knowledge is remarkable and his methods really do work. If you are looking for a Dog trainer for your unruly pet then look no further you won't be disapointed.
Mr and Mrs L, Companion Dog Owners, Heckington, Lincolnshire.
dog training boston
We have two rescue Staffordshire Bull Terriers, both had different issues. Millie was extremely dog aggressive on the lead, to the point where we were struggling to walk her anywhere and Casper was a nervous bundle of anxiety. We found Pat after a long search and at our wits end. We had previously unsuccessfully tried all sorts of advice from different dog “behaviourists” , all of which involved inadequate advice over the phone. It seemed that nobody was able or willing to take on Millie’s problems with aggression. From the first assessment session Pat put us totally at our ease, was understanding of our situation and gave us confidence that he could help with our dogs. We cannot believe the changes in both of the dogs since Pat has worked with them (and us!) to modify these behaviours. Not only is he a brilliant dog trainer, he gives advice on all aspects of dog ownership and has helped both dogs to look and feel so much better after advice on diet and lifestyle. We would and do recommend Pat to everybody who has problems with their dog, he is a great, inspiring bloke and we are amazed at the difference he has made to our dogs. Millie has now been in very close, safe, lead contact with other dogs which was unheard of before and Casper is a very happy confident dog. They have progressed so much that they are able to now go from one to one training into a group class. Thank you Pat for all of your help, you really have made a difference to our lives and we all look forward to our training every week.
Mrs R, Companion Dog Owner, Wrangle, Lincolnshire.
dog training boston
Leo (is a 13mth old Chihauhau) We have been training with Pat for about 3mths now,we started on a one to one basis,for a few weeks,and we are now doing classes. Leo was traumatised,by a friend of mine when i had to make a trip to the hospital, he was in complete shock, Pat came to my home to see him he sooned gained leo,s confidence back. And thanks to him we havnt looked back since. leo didnt want much to do with other people, perhaps that was my doing, i was treating him to much like a baby, thanks to Pat he has come on in leaps and bounds he is good with people and other dogs, we go training because we are learning every week, both Leo and i, enjoy it so much, I would have no hesitation in recommending PMP K9, to anyone who wants their dog trained. Thanks Pat you certainly know your job, and a lovely friendly guy as well Mrs R
Mr & Mrs W, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness, Lincolnshire.
dog trainer boston
My husband and I have a 3yr old choc lab who has attended quite a few dog classes in his 3yr's without success,when we went to pat it was our last chance to resolve the issues we had with bracken I have to be honest I didn't hold out much hope due to our previous failures. bracken had no respect for me at all and not much more for my husband bracken saw me as bottom of the pack I was unable to get him to do anything it was a constant battle of wills a simple walk was a nightmare!! I was wrapped round trees and dragged all over the place to the point that I dreaded it. On our first meeting with pat he put us at ease he listened to our catalogue of problems and discussed everything from behavior to diet the types of leads we wear using and what we hoped to achieve, he helped me to realize that a lot of brackens problems was created by me I had a total lack of confidence and was not consistent when dealing with bracken and that he needed structure we soaked up the advise pat gave us this first session was life changing for us especially for me his techniques was great and pat had the patients of a saint he showed me how to gain back respect and control and build myself confidence, we went away and did all pat had shown us and low and behold and after just that one session I was able to walk bracken and had control it was an amazing feeling!! myself and bracken are still a work in progress but I already feel I have a different dog he is e gar to please and now looks to me for instruction and guidance and I never thought that was possible, we look forward to our sessions with pat and enjoy the challenges set for us, we will always be eternally grateful to pat and would recommend him 100% to any pet owners out there no matter how big or small your problem is he is amazing and very patient.
Dr G, Companion Dog Owner, Algarkirk, Lincolnshire.
dog trainer
I have never had a lot of time for dog trainers – it has all been a bit of a gimmick previously that works well inside the village hall but is totally useless when you get into the real world with real life distractions and challenges - clickers don’t stop dogs from chasing rabbits… end of debate!!! I also didn’t want to hang all sorts of gadgets off my dog like harnesses and head collars and was looking for somebody who would tailor training and their availability around my hectic schedule and the individual needs and abilities of my dogs. Up until this year, it had proved to be too difficult a request for any other dog school to accommodate and if they were prepared to offer the flexibility, the atmosphere generated by the so called “competitive doggy people” that attended was enough to put you off… PMP K9 has been a real discovery. Pat works as long as there are hours of daylight available so flexibility isn’t an issue and with both one to ones and classes available covering a range of activities, you can mix and match what you do to suit wherever you are with your aspirations. It’s very down to earth, Pat’s techniques really do work, the conversation is typically very off the wall (!!) and there is certainly no dog-snobbery allowed. The sheer excitement the dogs show when they know they are going training is priceless and they are so much happier now that they have a job to do. I honestly don’t think this would have been achievable in such a short space of time, within such a friendly environment, anywhere else. Thanks Pat – it’s a great place you are creating.
Mrs R, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness.
dog training skegness
Buddy (who is a 13 month old golden retriever) and I have been training with Pat at PMPK9 for approximately 3 months. We started on a one to one basis and have now just started classes. Our main issues when we started were, lead walking, we had Buddy on a halti because I could not control him any other way, he was so easily distracted by anything and everything and would just pull me all over the place. Whenever he was let off the lead he would just take off and only return to me when he felt like it, virtually no recall both indoors and outdoors and a general disobedient nature. All our one to one sessions have been tailored to suit exactly what we want addressing and all the issues that we have. I have even arranged for Pat to come to the field that I regularly walk Buddy on as I had real issues with Buddy sniffing and not paying any attention, after only one visit things have dramatically improved To now even in this short space of time Buddy will walk on a short loose lead, recall is still a work in progress but around the house he comes first time every time (just distractions outdoors than can be a challenge, but now on a long line I feel I have good control of Buddy by using only voice commands) but the biggest improvement for me is my level of control both indoors when visitors come, and when out walking, especially past other dog owners, I feel I have learnt so many new skills that enable me to take full control of Buddy rather than, as we were before, Buddy controlling me. I cannot praise Pat enough, he is a fantastic trainer who not only really knows and understands dogs inside out, but also seems to understand the difficulties us poor pet owners have in getting to grips with our dogs and training. I would recommend PMPK9 and Pat to every dog owner, and do so on a regular basis.
The pleasure of having control of my dog is immeasurable and I cannot thank Pat enough.
Mrs H, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness.
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I was recommended to PMPK9 by my daughter who is currently still using Pats services. I have an 18 month old Alaskan Malamute called Mitzi, which I obtained when she was 6 months old from a family relative who couldn't cope with the size of the dog anymore. Unfortunately I inherited quite a few issues with Mitzi from her previous owner. She is a beautiful dog but unfortunately her general obedience at that time was very poor, she had a lot of energy and was very difficult to control on a lead, she also began to snap at my visiting grandsons, I decided to go to Pat as a last resort before unfortunately having to seriously consider rehoming her. Pat has been wonderful right from day one, we tried initially some one to one lessons, unfortunately I as an owner was finding it a little difficult to learn at the same time as Mitzi. After much consideration it was decided that Pat would take Mitzi 3 days a week and train her himself, with a view to handing back to myself with some rehandling training. Every day he would go over everything they had done and discuss any new issues, this would then be followed up by weekly extensive emails detailing all the training that had been done, the positives and sometimes the negatives that had been found. After 3 weeks of this I am very pleased to say I am now taking over the handling of Mitzi and I am now attending one to one classes to learn how to handle Mitzi correctly. This so far is proving very successful. I am so happy with how things have gone, I feel Mitzi is a changed dog, we still have general issues with her exuberance now and again but her lead walking and her general compliance have improved so much. I am actually able to control Mitzi myself now and feel more confident when out walking, even to the point that I passed someone out walking a husky dog and they asked how I managed to get my dog walking so beautifully, of course I couldn't wait to tell them all about PMPK9. I still have some way to go yet but I couldn't be more happy with my experience t PMPK9 I would and have recommend the training school to anyone.
Thank you Pat.
Mr & Mrs S, Skegness, Lincolnshire.
dog training
We were at our wits end with our Border Collie when we were told about Pat. Our 4 legged friend had an array of problems, ranging from Dog Aggression, Food Aggression to Jumping up and being overly excited over people. We are now a few weeks in with Pat and WoW, what a difference! Pat has been a massive help, words alone cannot portray how grateful we are. Even though we know there is still a way to go given our dogs ‘issues’, we already see such a vast improvement in him, and us!
We cannot praise Pat enough. His knowledge and expertise, including his mile mannered demeanour made us feel very secure and safe in the knowledge that our problems can be fixed and Pat has helped us to have a better relationship with our dog.

Email received since original Client Comment
Sky’s booster was due last night, so off the vet’s I toddled alone, and now usually this is a most stressful experience as with other dogs/cats in close proximity, usually caused Sky to go ballistic. Well, I went in with him, to the sounds of 4 other dogs going mental, and Sky just looked, and walked straight past! We had to wait in the small waiting room for 15 mins before being called in, of which Sky remained sat at all times chilling out! We can’t thank you enough, the progress via you has been brilliant.
Mr & Mrs C, Companion Dog Owners, Boston, Lincolnshire.
dog training
We had been fond owners of a border collie for 12 years and after he passed away we really missed having a dog around. Our daughter then spotted 2 blue merle border collies on the RSPCA website who needed homing together. Previous experience of working with collies would be good it said. Well, we thought (rather naively) that we had the skills to deal with the boys. We started off reasonably well but after only 3 weeks it was becoming clear that we were going to need help! This is where Pat came in. We went along with our crazy boys for an assessment session. Pat quickly pointed out that our sibling collies were taking more notice of one another than they were of us! We followed Pat's advice and learnt how to manage the boys properly and correct unwanted behaviour. We are still learning it has to be said but we feel that we and the dogs have come a long way, following the training, and we are much happier. We have had some real laughs at some of the sessions and both we and the dogs enjoy them. Following on from obedience work the dogs get the chance to do some search and retrieve work and also some agility activities. It is great to watch them do this because they obviously love it. In Pat's "Magic Field" we have achieved things with the training that have greatly exceeded our initial expectations. We would strongly recommend Pat to anyone looking for help with their dog training. Thanks for everything Pat.
Mrs H, Companion Dog Owner, Skegness, Lincolnshire.
dog training boston
"Thank you" is such a insignificate word for the help that you gave me with my dog Beau. The help and advice you gave me was totally priceless. The dog I thought I was going to loose, quickly with your advice is now a loving and friendly dog at no great financial cost. Thanks again Pat insignificant though it may be."
Mrs S - Companion and Working Trials Dogs, Watford, Hertfordshire.
dog training
I have known and trained with Pat for some 7 years, starting out when I got my first dog. I knew exactly what I wanted in a trainer and Pat fitted the bill perfectly. Honest, reliable, straightforward and effective. If ever I had a problem with a particular training method Pat was able to offer viable solutions or alternatives. His open mindedness to new ideas and solutions is commendable. My dog recently qualified CD EX at Working Trials. An achievement that I can honestly say would not have happened without Pats invaluable input and advice. Pat has also, unlike some trainers, reached a very high standard with all of his own dogs and this has to be admired. He really should show them off a bit more! Pat has now moved from my area, Hertfordshire, but because of my faith in his abilities, I hope to be able to join in some of his training classes in Lincolnshire whenever I can make it. The travelling distance is definitely not an obstacle!
Mr & Mrs S - Companion Dog, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire
dog training in skegness
We had a 7th month old King Charles Cavalier puppy, in need of some education ! His main problems were: lead walking, lunging towards passing cars, and too excitable when meeting other dogs and people, especially children. Our first appointment consisted of a discussion of these problems, and advice re dietery requirements, which we took on board and have worked very well. He is now a healthy one year old. We opted for one to one sessions on a weekly basis. We quickly appreciated that not all the problems were at the dog end of the lead ! The first few sessions were given to lead training and general obedience. The first few weeks we found difficult, but subsequently realised we had to gain respect from the dog by being firm with him. On seeing him perform with Pat the trainer we recognised that it could be done. Over the next few weeks we were given advice on how to handle the exuberance of meeting other dogs and people by pre-empting behaviour using his wife and her dog. This produced good results. We received advice on crate training for an impending holiday. This worked very well and led to a stress free holiday. We now have a well-mannered companion dog and are very grateful for the advice and support we have received.
Mr T - Security Officer (Trainee Security Dog Handler), Cambridgeshire
dog training lincolnshire
After being told about PMP K9 from a good friend, I decided to get in contact with PMP K9. We had a lengthy phone call and discussed what training I really need as I approached PMP K9 with the intent to becoming an operational security dog handler, I can gladly say it has been one of the best decisions I have made! Not only is Pat just a dog trainer as people sometimes think, he is a good friend to have and all the services that PMP K9 provides is beyond useful its not always about just training the dogs, PMP K9 also helps to train the most important part....The Handler. I came to the training school with bad habits, no timing when giving commands and if I'm honest not a lot was right with me at that point, PMP K9 stripped it all down to right from the beginning and slowly built me back up and taught me not to be just the dogs handler, but to be the dogs friend, carer. How PMP K9 trains you as well as the dog is very motivational and with my own dog Bruce was said to be trained to be police dog level, after an assessment with PMP K9 this wasn't the case at all. Bruce was in fact a "green" dog, so again we started from square one and he slowly but surely got better and this style of training really does work! Unfortunately Bruce didn't go on to become an operational patrol dog due to he has a vice when it came down to handler protection. But when I think back to when I first started at PMP K9 things were a little new to me and Bruce, we had come a very long way, and it is down to the help of PMP K9. PMP K9 Training School and myself had a long discussion about Bruce's future in the security industry, we both agreed that it wasn't the best place for him to be, even though we had given him the best possible chance of making it in the industry. Although PMP K9 is my one and only training school, they aren't just a training school they are friends too and on various occasions I have turned to them with problems not regarding training and they have always given clear advice on things. But again, for the help and training I have received from PMP K9 Training School has been outstanding and I can easily say I will recommend this training school to anyone and everyone who wishes to train their dogs for general obedience, sports dogs or even working dogs, this is the place to come to fulfil the dream! Thank you for the help you have given me so far
SRH & BM - Companion Dog, Skegness
dog training classes
Having recently returned to the UK after living abroad for four years and acquiring our dog Howard along the way, we were dismayed to find that he was extremely unsociable and aggressive with other dogs. We quickly found ourselves travelling all over the area to find quiet places to walk because encounters with other dogs were becoming more and more stressful for us all. I was fortunate enough to bump into one of Pat’s clients who immediately began to tell me about this superb dog training school she had found, having tried several others along the way. Armed with details we set about making an appointment without hesitation. We were under no illusion that the problem lay to some extent with ourselves, and Pat’s no nonsense approach gently confirmed this. At the first consultation everything from diet to living arrangements at home were discussed and initially we attended 1-2-1 classes so that Pat could assess Howard’s and our needs. Pat assessed Howard as being a very anxious dog whose behaviour was heightened by our handling when encountering other dogs. Howard, sensing that we were anxious made him more so. General obedience was addressed first and we soon had Howard walking to heel, something he had never done. The big test came a few weeks into the course when two other handler’s and dogs were introduced to the class. Armed with the tools to deal with Howard’s reaction we were able to nip the behaviour in the bud and now he happily attends group classes on a regular basis. Six weeks into the sessions and his behaviour outside the school with other dogs has become more manageable. Pat told us that it wouldn’t be a quick fix and that the behaviour would worsen before it got better, which it did, but there is a marked improvement now. During this week’s 1-2-1 session Howard walked to heel with out the lead, we were frankly amazed. At the end of the 1-2-1 sessions Howard is rewarded with tracking games and an agility course which absolutely he loves. In short Pat offers a straight forward, common sense approach with firm manageable techniques producing positive results, his knowledge of dog/handling/training is extensive, he is friendly and funny what more could you ask for.
Mrs S, Companion Dog Owner, Wainfleet
skegness dog training
I have been training my 6 month old Cocker Spaniel "Tilly" with Pat at PMPK on a 1 to 1 basis for about six weeks and i am very impressed with the progress he has made with my dog. When i first started with Pat my dog had a food problem and Pat was very helpful and suggested certain foods for "Tilly" which she has done very well on with no tummy problems recurring. As my dog is very hyper active Pat has been able to show me how to get some stability into her and she has certainly settled down a great deal more now. Both myself and "Tilly" feel a lot more comfortable now when out walking in public and we both have that "Feel good factor" knowing we are being trained by the best. At the end of every lesson i am very proud of the achievements we have both reached as its also training on my part as well not just my dogs. I would have no hesitation in recommending PMPK9 to any one who wants their dog trained.
Mr M - Companion Dogs, Cambridgeshire
security dog training
The expertise of PMPK9 is rare to find and I would recommend them when looking for professional advice regarding your favourite friend. Having owned 11 dogs of various breeds and sizes from Great Danes and Rottweilers to Yorkshire Terriers. I have met many people who would call themselves dog trainers,dog behaviourists and/or dog whisperers. When my Pack of 9 dogs began fighting each other many people told me to "euthanize that one" or "you have no choice but to get rid of those two" PMPK9 treated my situation individually and did not treat it as a "one size fits all" as I felt so many others were.They did not try and sell me a DVD or pass me onto their website forum.I was not promised "If, after completing our residential dog training course, we can't demonstrate to you that your dog is obedient we won't charge you a penny" because at the end of the day its not the trainer taking my dogs home, its me. and its me that needed to control the dogs. With the guidance of PMPK9 we have managed to create a family of dogs that want to live together, are safe around children and share strong bonds with each other and me. I have worked alongside Operational Police Dogs and have seen Police dog trials, I can honestly say that PMPK9'S own dogs really do stand out with exceptional ability, its nice to see a Company who "practice what they preach" Thank you PMPK9 Training school
Mr A - Security Dog Handler, Corby, Northamptonshire
dog tranining
I have known and trained with Pat since 2007, I value his knowledge and his training ethos so much so that I think nothing of driving the 2 hrs to attend a training session, That in itself I think speaks volumes! Thank you Pat for helping me become a better Security Dog Handler.
Mrs H - Companion Dog, Watford, Hertfordshire
dog training classes
Training with Pat & his training school should be compulsory with any new dog owner. I contacted Pat with my unruly GSD; I couldn’t even pass people in the street without her kicking off. After a lengthy chat with Pat it soon dawned on me that the problem wasn’t with the dog but with me. When Pat eventually met the dog the transformation was incredible, within a few minutes I did not even recognise my own dog. I could not believe that was my dog walking to heel & she looked like she was enjoying herself. Was it leadership she was looking for all along? I can say that I still benefit from all that training and all it took was a couple of hours per week. Last year I even managed to walk her down the High street in the town centre on a Saturday morning to attend a photo session at a studio with my daughter. Until I met Pat that was something I could only dream off. I have learnt so much from Pat, he had given me the knowledge & confidence & shared his expertise, which is something I will always be grateful for.
Mrs G - Competition and Companion Dogs, Spilsby, Lincolnshire
dog training
I first contacted Pat about 18 months ago, after having lost a trainer and having tried many of the local Dog ‘training clubs’, which could not provide me with the level of training I required. Since I have found Pat I have not looked back. I started with two rather unruly young border collies who are now at competition level (novice and A) with their obedience. We are currently working towards entering our first working trial competition early next year. I can honestly say that without Pat’s knowledge, encouragement and guidance we would not of achieved the levels that we have. I never believed that I would be enjoying competing with my dogs. I now also have 2 Border collie pups, I train these within one of Pat’s classes, which are small enough to receive the amount of attention needed and large enough for dogs to get used to being around other dogs and people. I now have the confidence of knowing I have beautifully behaved dogs.
Mr W - Companion Dog, Skegness, Lincolnshire
dog training club skegness
We acquired a very boisterous border col

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